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At Biophilia Studio, we offer a range of holistic treatments including massages and facial treatments that not only relax the body but rejuvenate the mind and spirit. We use 100% natural and organic oils & products.

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Massage Therapist massaging clients hands in the Cotswolds
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Client Testimonials

“I feel absolutely refreshed and energised after a massage from Clare. It’s the highlight in my diary each month. Thank you Clare!”

Jean, Churchill.

“I find a massage after a yoga session at the yoga barn just puts me in absolute bliss. I’m recharged for a few weeks”.

Emma, Long Compton.

Our Ethos& NaturalApproach

Founded by Clare, who is dedicated to holistic wellness through natural and organic massage treatments. The ethos centers on the healing power of nature, offering services across the North Cotswolds, at idyllic venues, clients homes and holiday rentals.

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Facial treatment of client, with a water background in the Cotswolds
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Clare’s journal & natural Wellbeing & living guides

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